Kamen ZhangFounder

With great passion for 3D works, Kamen is the major hub between teammate and client, her excellent command in project management and highly responsible approach allow her to easily coordinate in between ,  flexible working schedule and ever prompt response enable her to work seamlessly with different time zones, Kamen is always the first choice of client!


Lifen HeProject Manager

Lifen is very qualified in her role as project manager because of her responsible, patient and dedicated work ethic to each project. She is in charge of follow ups  for most projects, and same time to process project schedules, files collection, commentary translation and so on to ensure smoothly delivery, she is the best colleague we ever had from these years.


Jin LamModel Supervisor

Jin has been engaged in various mode building and animation production in the past few years,  with skilled expertise in 3D Max and carefully working manner, he can always get complicated models done in the required timeframe or sometimes to meet a rush deadline, anyway, Jin is the one to make you feel relieved.





Jinhon M3D Artist/Partner

More than 15 years' experience in 3D Max / Photoshop / AutoCAD / V-Ray / Illustrator / AI, plus Corona and  Blender, Jinghong has an excellent  vision for lighting and shadow, accurate  comprehension for project ideas and client minds, his unique creativity and  professional experience are second to none.

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